Gotta Love it..!!

My client simply wanted to know the basic condition of the structure, 14,000 sq. ft. one story with full basement and separate business suites, nothing more, he already had an estimate for roof repairs, an estimate for AC repairs, and a electrical engineer inspect all the wiring…in at 7am out at 11am…I love my job…!!!..:lol:

Dale, how much did you charge for this inspection?


It took 6 hrs. total, to do the inspection, and report.

I have done many inspections for this particular investor, he always just wants my basic opinion on the overall condition of the structure, so simple it’s scary…:lol:

I have known him for a long time, multi-millionaire always buying and selling commercial property, this year I must of inspected 25 buildings for him.

So Dale was there anything especially wrong with the building?

No, nothing he wanted me to inspect, the general overall condition basically, like did I see anything failing structurally which would cost thousands to repair.


That’s what I was wondering. did you find anything worth mentioning?

I said no Chris…:lol:

So I took a lot of pictures of thing which were right…!

Dale exemplifies what I have been trying to convey for a while now. It crosses over into the commercial electrical thread I just finished reading.

In Dale’s engagment, he has a working relationship with his client, and the most important aspect of this particular engagement is the level of UNDERSTANDING and the ability to effectively COMMUNICATE with his customer. Expectations and roles/responsibilities are crystal clear, including the client bringing in his OWN subject matter experts.

Nice job, Dale.