15 Minute 2400 sq ft Inspection-:)

I was at this mornings inspection at 7:00 am, went on the roof first like I usually do, came down and showed my client the pictures, he said how much do I owe you, the hell with the rest of the inspection, wrote me the check, and we both drove off into the wild blue yonder—:))))

Said too just write the roof portion of the report, that’s good enough for me to get out of the contract–:D…I said that is all I can write, I didn’t even go inside the building—:))))

So I made $75.00 per minute----::)))…Oh I love my job some days…–:smiley:




I have inspected so many buildings for this investor I lost count–:)))

Said he would call when he finds another one----:cool:

You lucky dog! :slight_smile:

I need to move.

What a Deal-Killer you have become, Duffy :wink:

I can’t understand why Buyers walk when they see an expensive roof issue.

They should see if the Sellers will negotiate the cost of the roof before they take the initiative to walk from a deal.

What if the interior was immaculate and all that was needed was a roof replacement?

Why do you need a roof in Arizona? It never rains there.

Keeps the hawks from crappin on ya.


I am assuming he did not want the suite in the first place after making an offer, so when I told him the roof covering was shot he said good enough, see you at the next one.

True, most don’t have roofs, this was in a bad area, probably had it installed as an upgrade, or for security purposes----:lol:----:wink:

Dale, what kind of roofs were those?

Looks like tar and gravel on one and the other looks like it had a worn out coating on it. Was that a torch down previously?


Wish I could make a quick buck like that. ha. ha.

Got one Saturday, 1042, sq. ft. referral $300 The MLS looks like a double wide on a full basement.

How did you write that one up?

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Its all Torch-Down Roll…but shot–:smiley:

I said the roof covering was shot----:D----:lol:

Good luck with your inspection…!!..I never inspected a Double-Wide…but I woke up with one a long time ago, I’ll never do that again----:lol:

Hope you didn’t loose to much on the deal. :wink:


Why even show up for work? Just tell him to mail the check next time…:slight_smile:

Nice job Dale… on the building that is.

You calling what he did a job??? :smiley:

Good point. Way to make money with almost no effort at all!

Dale really took some pictures and paid someone to climb on their roof,
just so he could tell us this big story about making all the big bucks.
Do you really believe all this…? :mrgreen:

Dale if he was a regular , I am suprised you did not give him a break.

Does your investor have a colleague in Northeast PA?!? :mrgreen:

He does, but Dale already has him locked up. :smiley: