GPS Device

What GPS device do some of you guys use in your vehicle?
Any recommendations? Looking for value and good function.

I use a dell PDA with software from OSTERIA from DELL. I rode with others using Magellin. The magellin is easier to use but cost a lot more. Both will route you to the destination, but it might not be the route you want to take or the roads or hwy info might be out of date. Seems all the company’s are slow to update them as fast as we would like.

Hope this Helps

I use a Zire 72 Palm PDA with TomTom software. Works great.


I have a cobra handheld and I also have microsoft streets and trip with a GPS sensor on my laptop, Streets is a very powerful tool and has many functions.:smiley:
Happy Inspecting and don’t get lost


I use the Garmin I-que 3600. It is a Pda/mp3/date/address book, and of coarse a GPS. Works great for me. I always have my inspection appointments with me. You can go to ebay and type in ique3600 gps and find a complete system with the auto kit included any where from $200 to 300.00. Look for a refurbished unit if you can find one. They are better and less expensive than a new one. If you want to spend some. Garmin has the M5 bluetooth units also that are pocket pc’s :smiley:

Thanks… I just bought a new GPS reciever.

I bought the Garmin streetpilot i3 GPS that gives voice commands.
I love talking to someone while I drive and she sounds so nice.
In my line of work it is always good to have the latest toys…
I mean tools. :mrgreen:

I already had a Dell X51 Axim so for $199 they have a GPS kit from NAVTEQ. Works great.

Tom Tom is the best out there.

A little pricey, but I’ve never ran into a glitch.

I love the 3-d effect.

Like Douglas I have a Nextar which has the 7" touch screen. Its not as graphic as others but it is reliable and I can see it.

Hi Dave, I love the look of the Tom Tom graphics I wish that streets and trips had a similar interface, I also wish Streets & Trips had a real time ETA function that would be real usefull on my longer trips.



I have Garmen, it works great. you can also punch in any names of shops and it will tell you where they are. That has come in every handy. I had an argument with mine a couple of weeks ago! She was right I should have gone the way she said I ended up well lost.
I now call her the GPS bitch

I have a Cobra 4500 NAV One in my van…Love It !

I call my voice…LuLu…and she keeps me upto date anywhere I drive…:slight_smile:

I use the voice activated Pioneer AVIC-Z1, with XM Radio and XM Traffic (which shows real-time traffic and alternate routes). It has a 30 gigabyte hard drive to store music and Bluetooth-wireless for hands-free communication.

But that’s just me :smiley:



Show Off…lol

Who you laughing at Paul? :wink:

oh I forgot…I am not supposed to use LOL anymore…my bad…:wink:

I “have” to have a laptop with me for my work.

Microsoft Streets & Trips with a GPS device for $126 bucks was hard to beat.

Voice Commands, routing, shops & stuff, and zoomable graphics.

Garmin & them couldn’t beat it.