Grading 'n basement waterproofing for moron Gus, Aaron and the other knotheads on this subject

is this pitched up and sloped away enough for the bubbleheads? "n why are many mortar joints and the parging deteriorating?

brick basement walls, basement leaks geez i wonder why?
is it leaking because of you think it needs 1 mile long downspout ext?

you wanna try n divert SURFACE water, you don’t care about deteriorating mortar joints, bricks, parging, exterior cracks man? lolll NO, some home inspectors do not, Gus the supposed brilliant college leakYYY detective doesn’t

so recommend better grading or french fry drain or INT system and sump pump and allow this type of shtt to get worse for buyers = idiots, folks get your HI fee back if any HI gives you incompetent ideas like those

you really think grading keeps all water OFF-OF the exterior of basement walls man? lolll

what about those who have roots against a wall that cause some of these problems, just leave them there right? = more idiocy

Miami condo, sure allow water to sit on, against, penetrate concrete n walls etc, sure good idea Gus n freinds

Maybe if DannYYY took all his empty beer cans n placed them along a pitched grade on every leaky basement, maybe that would do duh trick

side wall, more deteriorating parging, bricks

Had the home inspector been any good at all on this subject then this young couple would have had a chance to bid less or walk from this joint but again, waaaay too many home inspectors erroneously claim they ‘inspect’ basement, basement walls, moisture intrusion etc, flat out suck - Billy B New England, “Do your job”. Take less time inspecting door bells 'n light bulbs n shtt n more time on this sht, NOT, no they won’t lolll , hll man, some don’t get up on any roofs to inspect them, just like quite a few city inspectors. Tell some of ya’s cry babies here what, you admit you are incompetent as hell on this subject aka suck, n Bubba will fly away to dairy farm

Hi folks. I’m not new to home inspection, but I’m new to this forum. So when I hit Reply on this post, I was shown this:

"Welcome to InterNACHI®️ Forum — thanks for contributing!

  • Be kind to your fellow community members.
  • Does your reply improve the conversation?
  • Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas , not people.

For more, see our community guidelines. This panel will only appear for your first 2 posts."

With that in mind, my first reaction to the general ambience here is that there is some anger (the OP of this thread) and a lot of politics (e.g., the thread about non-compete agreements). Am I wrong?

Is this type of post common here? And the political stuff? I thought this was a place meant for home inspectors to share relevant information in a friendly way. Maybe I was wrong…

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There are no Mods here so it’s just wording. You can come here with thick skin or you just pick and choose what you want to read, and BTW welcome to the forums. You can learn a lot if you don’t take the banter personal.


Hello @kray2

Glad you are here. Yes, we will go off on rants at times. But, overall the information is invaluable.

For example the op on this thread @manderson7 certainly has his way of communicating that is hard for some to tolerate. However, once I figured out his style and started watching his videos…I learned to overlook his “style” because he contributes a tremendous amount of useful content.

Hope to see you 'round.

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Settle down Ken it will be OK.


maybe you missed the other threads where there have been bi ch-sessions 'n quibbles amongst home inspectors , just them, not me.

Inside the leaky basement, brick foundation walls, efflorescence n so on

same house, outside view of the problems

no thoughts on exterior deterioration, waterproofing, no thoughts on those who install INT drainage systems and sump pumps when exterior cracks, deteriorating parging etc are the homeowners problems… just criticize, moan about me huh? loll

some here are like politicians as they jump on me to spin the topic around aka, twist and shout (yeah man Beatles action) instead of talking about and dealing with the actual problems, pretty often missed on home inspections. (yeah yeah i know I KNOW y’all say you can’t, don’t wanna be intrusive - i get it), but maybe you need to stop telling buyers/sellers they can solve leaky basements by adding lown downspout ext’s, grading etc sheessshhhh

I’m such a TERRIBLE terrible person trying to look out for sellers/buyers (mostly buyers eh), i’m the villian, not the INT system chumps, amazing many here have never called those scamming companies out, notta once but love jumping on my azz

Thanks all. Zero taken personally, lol, just getting a feel for the place. Maybe it was just random chance that the first two posts I read were like that…

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