This is not the correct way to 'assess', determine why basements leak, hll no

sheesh lolollll unreal what some do n claim, sorry i wish i could state diferently but the truth is the truth n this guy does NOT know how to correctly determine why basements leak… and by the way, does he give homeowners a 10, 20 year guarantee that their basement will not leak after he screws around with the grade?
fast forward if you rather to 5:35, 5:50 6:15 mark in video, what do you see lol

Drainage Assessment - Finding source of basement flooding - YouTube

That’s a pretty lil blue You tube shirt ya got on Mr water diverter guy

this basement needs some exterior waterproofing done correctly and may also needs some tuckpointing etc above grade

pouring more concrete, new concrete is not going to keep the basement dry, neither will installing a french drain but go ahead n keep doing the weak stupid shtt and see where it gets ya

if you run water, a hose test, and ya get water in then there IS, ARE lol, exterior openings in the basement wall such as ext crack (s) cracked parging etc and fairly often when morons RAISE the grade with soil or concrete, they don’t seal the bricks and mortar joints where they are raising the grade and so then some of the bricks or mortar joints crack, deteriorate and here comes the water in basement, effllorescence etc.

so you think you can divert all water away from the full depth of a basemet wall huh, keep it from hitting the basement wall at 2’, 4’ 6’ deep, well lots of stOOPid luck with that, you’d better hope n pray there is all SAND down there

this video, guy just bought the house, sellers installed an interior basement drainage system and sump pump $$$. He moves in and basement leaks and he sees more mold, efflorescence on wall, finds my dumb azz n calls. I go over there n run a water test with a hose, just to show/prove to him where the problems are, have always been before the INT system was installed which were, exterior cracks in block wall… yeah water began entering onto his B floor within 2 minutes

there was a driveway up against the house/wall, i could have saw cut it and saved him $$$ but he wanted new driveway anyways. Wa done about 5 years ago for lil less than $3,000, NOT anymore costs have gone UP quite a bit and shtt, ya’s got $15,000-30,000 for these INT system companies so you are gonna start paying us a bit more if you want your shtt done right, yep.

to all these contractors who install french fry drains n add 100’ downspout ext’s etc, let me see that guarantee from YOU that the basement will be dry for at least 10 years after you install the surface water diverting bs


Good educational material, Mark… :+1:

how is it Uncle Crusty’s fault that HI training doesn’t inform 'em of the facts, of the following… and i can’t help it lol that many concrete companies or landsacpers etc don’t understand this crao either sheesh

CONCRETE poured on top of concrete, that’s right they poured 6 inches on top of existing 4 inches AND they tarred (and used epoxy is some areas) along the perimeter of house and patio, still leaked! That is because 1) water gets underneath concrete and 2) many don’t know how to correctly determine why most basements leak and what to do about it!

Watch short videos

same house

and i get ‘crusty’ in part because 1) homeowners, especially BUYERS get lied-to, bs’d on this subject costing them thousnads $ !!! 2) i keep posting FACTS, the g d truth and many don’t friggin ‘get it’ and continue their stupid claims on why basements leak.

Most basements leak because builders did NOT ‘waterproof’ the ext-walls! And to compound the problem they often backfilled with most-all clay or silty soil = stupid, but best for THEM, not the basements.

Poured wall, crack, basement leaks because of the… CRACK, not because of the stupid PITCH of driveway slabs!!

… and they tarred etc along the perimeter of house–driveway! lololll smgdh!!!

Same old dumb crap here, driveway up–against house and they tarred along perimeter… lady buys the house recently, was NOT told about existing, VISIBLE cracks in block wall and nUTTin said about the stupid azz tar along perimeter, should have SEEN that and said/thought, GEE whizzzzzzzers why is that there, why would SELLER’S slap tar there, duh!!!

Gonna say it yet again, we see and hear this weak, stupid, incompetent shtt ALL the time!!! DECADES!!! And still many HI’s, landscapers, concrete dorks, realtors etc tell sellers/buyers to DO this dumb shtttt INSTEAD OF, doing the right thing which friggin is… correctly identifying aka deteriming WHY the basement actually leaks and has some mold or efflorescence etc

i don’t give a shttt that many here don’t like the messenger and don’t like how i write shtt, tough titttties man, g d weak, cry baby crap! You are screwing over people with your dumb azz supposed solutions for leaky basements and that, is the truth!

How 'bout this one, seller’s poured concrete walk UNDER and bewteen overhangs and then put about 4" of top soil over the concrete walk to HIDE it!!! smffffhh Well duh, it kept LEAKING azz hos!

and since the waterproofing was done, NONE of these basements leak anymore!! lololl So duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, wtf was the right, only true, real g d SOLUTION that STOPPED water from entering the exterior cracks etc in these walls? Yeah shtt brains, that’s right. Thing is, the waterproof has to be done CORRECTLY, backfilled correctly, not half azz’d!!

I tell everyone that wants to raise the grade, extend downspout or pour concrete, this. Think of water dripping on a sponge. sooner or later the entire area will be saturated with water. The earth is the same way regardless of soil type.

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Mike how you doing ? Have seen what you do Mike, you’re a good man.

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Grosse Pointe, leaky basement, brick basement walls, efflorescence inside and outside

They recently bought the house, mice, mice droppings inside basement

interior system pinheads don’t give a hoot about exterior cracks n other openings into your house