They raised and sloped the grade away, still leaked, now what?

:10 mark, grade was raised up-against unprotected bricks N mortar joints in some areas 4-5 crs HIGH

part of front wall was done before, they backfilled with same shtty azz soil = another mistake and you can see, again lol, they didn’t bring the waterproofing/tar etc UP ONTO the bricks where they, lol raised the grade, just stupid shtt see it all the time, lack of attention to detail

:25 ‘Nachi guys… most are very good’, wow, did Bubba Milk utter that? Yes i did lol.

See the EFFLORESCENCE…on bricks?

same house, see the lil shtt ROOTS… huh? lol yeah, entryway, pathway for water, cracked parging, yes sir!

INSIDE basement, same house, see some efflorescence, mold etc, yep

But you don’t want to find the actual existing problems aka defects that are allowing water in, no, you don’t think its a big deal, no, what you DO think is a big deal is raising n sloping the grade or pouring new concrete or mudjacking slabs = all equals incompetence and negligence, you don’t understand what is needed… hey do you give a GUARANTEE on these simple minded recommendations? lolol Yeah, that’s what i thought

Grosse Pointe Woods, block walls, leaks/seeps where bottom of the block wall meets the floor
see… NO 1/2 solids/cap on top of hollow blocks, just pointing it out
see, NO vertical corner crack inside and NO long horizontal showing inside, so? Just because YOU don’t see them inside and-or don’t understand they may exist OUTSIDE (see next video) doesn’t mean squat, had you known, had the experience to know its quite likely they DO exist on the outside you could save buyers a lot of money n headaches but apparently you don’t care as much about them as you claim, dig? No ya don’t.

Outside, the REAL problems, the DEFECTS, the existing cracks etc ‘some’ do not understand exist or don’t care to know and lol don’t care much if the actual problems are fixed/waterproofed! === negligent and incompetent

Do you see the EXT corner crack?

Do you see the long horizontal crack?

Some are NOT concerned at all about these exiting defects that are allowing the water in basement?
And just tell sellers, buyers to re-grade instead…REALLY? lolollll

They, and other ext openings were WHY the basement leaked/seeped! Had nothing to do about a supposed need for grading…sheesh peeps, some really think grading solves 50-90% of all leaky basements, UNREAL!

i see they don’t wanna chat about this lol, amazing… ‘Markkkky, show US some shtt’, describe some scenarios’. Okay, here ya go! hahahhahahaaaa omfg