Rochester Hills, leaky basement, corner, block walls, see GRADE and downspout? lool

make sure you eyeball the last photo lol, WHY didn’t the POSITIVE grade away n downspout ext keep the basement DRY? hahahaa oh man, some sad home inspectors out in La La land

another LAWYER’s house, hmmm, why do quite a few lawyers hire our dumb butts? gee i wonder.

this lady had an interior basement system company over who insisted to her she needed an INT drainage system $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, WRONG!

crack eh, NOTE-- see the damprrofing that was applied by builder? lol THIN, well thin doesn’t last too long and it doesn’t ‘span’ cracks… when we brush the wall B 4 we apply our goodies, the thin damproofing comes OFF lol, more sad incompetent crap.

where is the home inspector HERE who said, damproofing is better than waterproofing and what WE do is damproofing? Help that dude, he needs it on this subject.

SEE the DIFFERENCE, sheesh look at the pic’s of the damproofing on the exterior of wall VERSUS what we slapped on the wall AND… what we backfill with = BIG difference

ummm, eyeball the GRADE and your knothead downspout ext, why did THAT ignorant rookie assumption keep the basement nice n pretty n DRY? duh!!

Some home inspectors play GAMES with ignorant blanket statements on leaky basements, they do not identify, find, determine the REAL reasons why the basements leak.