Grass in gravel drive ways!

Whats the best product to kill the grass?

“recommend further evaluation by a licensed professional grass guy” :mrgreen:

Personally I swear by roundup, but you keep having to reapply it.



I use Roundup on mine as well. If you don’t like chemicals, burning with a torch will also work.

round up
Works great and does a nice job Get the concentrate very cheap mix it up and put in 0ne qt. spray bottle one shot does well in a couple of weeks spot spray any new should be good for the summer

I found by accident that leaving the grass in the middle keeps the gravel on top longer.

Hey guys, would I be out of line to say scratch out and clean the cracks and patch with a bituminous patch and seal the driveway??:mrgreen: :smiley:

Works everytime for me and no grass. :wink:

My wife makes me do it though.

Well, I tried that round up on my brick paver patio, and even with a poly on top of the sand bed, I still get weeds. That round up would have to be used weekly.

Clean play box sand from the hardware store seems to slow it down quite a bit.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Diesel fuel from a pump garden sprayer. Alternate method is used motor oil. This must only be applied on April 22nd of each year, as this is also “Earth Day”.

Mark, I don’t think that meets LEEDS. You do not get the Leeds point on these products.
You bad, you bad.

Marcel :slight_smile:

A lot of work scratching out all the cracks ( Grass in gravel drive ways! ) .
Marcel I think you missed the word Gravel . . Roy

It is a confirmed opinion that when Grass,Weeds get to full maturity with their seeds and or heads in place.

They quit growing;)

Make your own weed killer.

2/3 vinegar, 1/3 liquid dish soap. Apply directly with a hand bottle sprayer. Not as fast as round-up but it does work.

PS. You must saturate the weeds. Don’t be liberal with the spray. Also if it rains within the next couple of days, reapply.

I didn’t Roy, a paved driveway is easier to take care of the problem. ha. ha.

If you guys want to stay with the barnyard driveways I would suggest using a textile weed fabric and crushed stone.

Marcel :wink:

I wouldn’t use Round Up for fear it would contaminate any nearby water. What happens to the residue in the dead weeds not to mention the overspray on the surface.

Granulated table salt will kill weeds and grass.

I like John Bowmans home remedy.

Unless I am mistaken The good thing about Round up is its very limited life less then 24 hours and shorter in the sun. RC
I am more concerned with Salt as it is now becomming a polutante and many areas are restricting its use for snow removal.

Problems with Roundup Weed Control[

Sorry to burst your bubbles.](“”)

Paraquat or Agent Orange work well.

I live right on a major 4 lane hwy. In the winter time when it is snowing a snow plow/salter will go by my front door ever 10 min. I hate salt. :frowning:

We have lots of Canada Geese they love grass but they tend to leave long green things that look like caterpillars .
Bare feet not a good idea.

I understand they Dept of Hwyways have had to pay for a lot of new wells due to salt contamination.

They are most likely bored wells/surface wells close to road ways. Which leads me to conclude that if salt is getting in what else is getting in?