What is this....???

I found this in a home built in 1950. The “can” is a component of the sanitary sewer. 2" cast-iron inlet from the bathtub drain connected to the bottom of the can; 2" C.I. outlet at top of can ties into 2-1/2" C.I. pipe then 4" C.I. to main sewer. The can is 4" diameter and 5-1/2" tall. As you can see, it’s rusted pretty badly and leaking from the top of the can.

What is this “can” and what is its purpose?

Repair is unlikely due to the extensive rust. So replacement is necessary. Is this component still available today? If not, can it be replaced with a standard P-trap…or what?

Any help is appreciated.




Extremely old I think it is called a bottle trap and I do not think it can be replaced .
recommend replacing with a modern trap.


Sorry…just realized I posted thisin the wrong caregory section. Will be moving it to the Plumbing section.

Actually guys it appears to be an drum trap mounted upside down.

Unless the picture is upside down Micheal Just saying .
It is a drum trap and is upside down
No i am not a patriot but a Canadian lol sorry couldnt resists ,