Great Home Inspector Pro MNF contest. Play to win!

To enter the contest simply post the winner of tonight’s game (Cleveland vs. Buffalo). Then guess the total number of points (both teams combined) scored in the game.

Of those who correctly guess the winning team, the member who guessed the total score the closest (without going over), wins. The winner must have guessed the winning team though, regardless of how accurate his/her total score guess was.

If there ends up more than one winner the tie will be broken by choosing the member who posted or edited first.

The winner gets a full-blown version of Home Inspector Pro reporting software ($499 value) compliments of Dominic.

Buffalo, Total score 50.

Buffalo 47

cleveland. 46

Buffalo 48

Cleveland, 35

Buffalo, 45

This is the full version guys, we don’t have yearly tech support fee’s or anything else like that. Guess and win :slight_smile:

Home Inspector Pro is coming out with great new features every month, our latest is introducing fusion for infrared images into our photo editor and more flexibility with the report design. Read more at Home Inspector Pro Inspection Reporting Software website.

Buffalo 41

Clevland 30

Buffalo, Total score 44

Bills win total for both 30 points

Cleveland 44

Buffalo - 43

Buffalo 46

Buffalo Total combined score 31

Buffalo 50

Buffalo Total 28

Buffalo 21


Buffalo 42