Great Lakes waterproofing.... bentonite injection

Homeowner in St Clair Shores MI hired these nitwits who sold 'em a supposed fix, bentonite injection, cost appx $2,300 am told by homeowner.
Here are two videos from Great Lakes and their supposed claim on bentonite injections for leaky basements…
Bentonite Injection Waterproofing - Great Lakes Waterproofing
In-part they claim, “Fills in any CRACKS”

Does it?
Here is the homeowner house, crack that was allowing water into basement where they injected the garbage into the soil… did it “Fill in the crack?” Huh?

Homeowner said two guys showed up, stayed about 4 hours to do their little injection. Think of the small amount of materials they used AND the pitiful labor involved for this BS…versus, exterior waterproofing that involved hand digging 25’ x 7’ deep, hauling all the clay soil etc away, bringing in 8 yards of gravel and moving–backfilling that, city permit fee, tar, hydraulic cement, visqueen etc… five guys on this job… hmmmm, who pocketed much more of the homeowners money? SCAM baby, sccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccam.

Oh yeah almost forgot lol, WHERE 'O whhhhhhhhhere is that guarantee? Why didn’t they come back and fix the stupid leaky basement? Why did the homeowner have to find someone else and spend more $ ??
Another one of their videos, erroneous claims

Thanks John your info sure is appreciated … Roy

thanks Mr Roy, hope your well man.

That must be one heck of a pump to be able to push bentonite through compacted soil…lol

I agree Mike, I would have to see this done and how it penetrates and displaces the clay to provide a complete waterproofing seal. :slight_smile:

Homeowner wanted a little more waterproofing done on drive side foundation wall as he is getting a new driveway poured in a week.

Great Lakes, errr Scam Lakes, also tried some of their magic on this drive side, they drilled holes in slabs and shot bentonite into soil, told homeowner it would seal any-all cracks… I ask ya’s, did it? You see any on the block foundation wall? lol We found a little of it inside some of the drain tiles, got that? lol Showed homeowner and city inspector, pffttt.
The homeowner has called G Lakes several times just in the last two weeks or so, after we did some of of front walls and showed him G Lakes injection was nowhere to be found on his walls/cracks etc, nope. The owner of G Lakes nor anyone else there has called homeowner back, hmmm. When homeowner has called the receptionist tells him bunch of bs.






Be nice to see how well of a job that injection system looks dug up at a later date, wouldn’t it?:slight_smile:

right on Mr C!