Just off Lakeshore Dr, $$ area, got ripped-incompetence

Can’t remember how this homeowner found my dumb az but they’d already spent around $9,000 on waterproofing 2 walls…NO cracks,zero
This house right off Lake St Clair eh. Some would think high water table…Not!!!

So full excavation was NOT necessary…ever. Homeowner had always got water inside duh basement, UP HIGH…POURED walls One area was behind fuse box.

Anyways, they call, i go over…hear the story from homeowner, say ok…just to show him they did NOT need another excavation/FULL exterior waterproofing(another company came by before me, said thats what they needed!)…i said, lets run a hose, a water test from ground level down…flood thwe shttttttttttttt outta/against these 2 walls.

NO water came in, nary a drop…as i said, knew it wouldn’t because there are NO CRACKS! lolol Only 1 rod hole if i remember correctly…shttt that can be fixed on the inside. Now that i re—TINK dis, some water may have come in where we ran water in a couple spots just below grade (some open mortar joints etc, unprotected bricks and joints below duh grade,see pics if ya like)

Ok so i explain to homeowner…NOW we’re going to run water ABOVE ground…against quite a few open mortar joints…and yep,water enters,just like it has for 15 or 20 years. Tell him sir, you need an experinced-honest tuckpointing guy, and make sure he finds and gets ALL openings…if he does, you will not leak anymore.

One thing we did was, dig down a tad and reseal bricks/joints etc just below grade…if ya look at pics you’ll see some openings that were not/never sealed by 1st outfit who charged $9,000…lol Think i charged him $700 for the 2 walls, sorry but shttt, deserved that just for being observant n honest.

Again, one company already waterproofed 2 walls when there were/are NO cracks. $9,000
IF if IF…there was 1+ cracks or a seam that was open etc, they’d have leaked when doing duh water test, yes sir, yes indeedy,uh huh. (well duh, one would see a crack on inside and or,water marks/stains etc on,along,bottom of seam-crack)

And another (different Co), just came by and said…the sAME SHTTTTTTT! lolol
Homeowner WOULD have been OUT around the same,maybe more money and…STILL LEAKED!@!@!@!@!@!!@@ This is true man, shtt, can’t make this crrrap up.

One more point…lol sorry, WHO got pretty big dollars??? No complaint ever made either and who the shtt got chicken feed for finding the actual problems, lolo, pizzes me off sometimes. And yes, in 1 or 2 pics thats one of my guys…lol, we don’t, have never worn uniforms to ‘appear’ like some want us to appear, fc that!

For now/this photo set…pics # 17—26
lolol! See the JUNK they applied on inside blocks?
AND…another SUPPOSED lifetime guarantee!

Well, WHY did homeowner call me…where are these terds, where’s the lifetime guarantee! Its all shtt man, a game, a con.

So we have companies like this(above link), ya have companies who did the dumb az incompetent bulshhtt outside if prior-post link (never needed baby! And another company who told same homeowner to excavate again)…and…of course, lol, the ones who easily outnumber all, inside system pieces of shtt co’s.

Add to that, ever since quite a few lost their previous job/2008 fiasco, ya have some builders,some landscapers,some plumbers etc…who now,all of a sudden are expert waterproofing co’s…lol!

And some wonder why Bubba goes off.