Great Meeting Everyone. The Conference was a Vacation!

I cannot remember ever going to a conference that was as interesting and entertaining as this one. It was great to meet other inspectors here in Florida and see how many professionals are committed to doing good work. The best part is there was never a point where the conference seemed to get bogged down with technical issues. John and Michelle did a great job with the conference.

The vendors were full of valuable knowledge that really gives an advantage to the inspectors who attended the class.

Some of the brainstorming even lead to creating a new inspection type, “Basement Furnace” Inspections. I bet they will be a hit in the SW Florida area.

Chris, it was a pleasure meeting you & I couldn’t agree with you more!
I’d definitely be a Basement Furnace Inspector!

Thought you guy’s didn’t have basements down there, or so we’ve been led to believe.

We don’t it’s for…, wait a second!
Do you know the secret hand shake?

Of course!!!

LOL!! Welcome, I’ll let Chris give you all the details.
I’ll be back later, need to complete a few inspections.
Be safe & HAPPY inspecting.