greatest company name EVER!

I saw one of there loaders operating downtown and laughed so card i almost crashed!

Hmmm… think hes going for the double meaning?

Shoot, I’ve been looking all through my files to find a picture I snapped of a local plumber’s business card I came across. He had a lady in towel standing half behind a water heater and his slogan was:

"Your wet spot makes us happy."

How do these businesses get away with that? :wink:

Well Hung Drywall here in Texas always made me smile!

I have a friend who works for

I wonder if they ever done any work for:

I just hope mammoth erection is planning on downsizing…

Their web site is sooo stylish. I wonder why? :mrgreen:


I saw a bar named Daddy Day Care

How about a Mexican restaurant called "SAM & ALLAS’:lol:

We have a car lot with the name “Dick Witham”.

I had a buddy that owned a butcher shop, his slogan was
“Nobody Beats our Meat” … :slight_smile:

I saw a septic tank pump truck that had a slogan saying “We will do your crappy jobs”.

I don’t know…here is a company in my neighborhood. The name is very hard to beat.

Master Bait and Tackle…

I also saw Poker Plumbing and the tag line was

"A straight Flush beats a Full House anytime…