NACHI friends, let shut down our business Now!

Lets join :mrgreen::roll: :roll: :roll: : Advantage Inspections. Nick has joined forces with them and we should follow the lead. My company name now will be:


I kind off, like this name better. Any thoughts?? I think I should take a poll. They will even give me a computer and will lend me some money, training, and coupons to give to the clients. How about that?

FYI: If you have not seen the release, here it is.

Advantage Inspection International will be giving each and every new franchisee their first year’s NACHI membership, along with it’s already feature rich system which includes a computer, state of the art software package, hands-on training, year round marketing and consumer savings programs through it’s exclusive partnership with Lowes Home Improvement (visit them at the trusted partners page of

NACHI members will also receive special financing offers for qualifying candidates. This franchise is currently available in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. To get more information about a franchise in one of these markets as well as the projected availability in other states please call 1-877-577-4742 or view the Advantage franchise marketing video at: on the Advantage Inspection website

Go, Go. do not missed out cause I’m pissssssssssssssssssssssssss. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Gee too bad you are so behind NACHI members new about this six months ago .
We do not seem to be concerned .
Of course we might just have a little more knowledge on what goes on in the inspection world.
Too bad you let your membership drop.
It is obvious how much you enjoy NACHI I expect you do most of your looking learning and posting on our BB .
We welcome all Home Inspectors to come and enjoy our BB.
Of course if you take the Advantage you again can be a NACHI member.


You mean i have to become a candidate AGAIN

Darn. I’m gonna miss out because I’m not in my first year. :frowning: