Grinder Pumps. Please proof this new inspection article.

Grinder Pumps

Why is this not called Ejector pump?
You may wish to mention it by that name also if it is the same thing.

I never hear the term Grinder pump

good point

good article Rob. Must be a regional term Bob, I hear them referred to as grinder pumps in my area mostly.

Never in Chicago so should be a duel term.
As you said regional.
I did a article at AR on Ejector Pumps,that does not even reference the term Grinder

Good point Bob, but there seems to be a difference in their makings.

Hydromatic Sewage Ejector Pumps

According to the recommended standards published by SSPMA (the sump and sewage pump manufacturers association); A sewage pump is powered by an electric motor for the removal of wastewater from a sealed basin containing solids of up to 2" diameter.

Grinder Pumps shred solids and raise sewage to a higher elevation through pressure sewers. They shred sewage discharge into a finely ground slurry that can be sent through a small-diameter pressure pipe. Grinder pumps are connected to septic pipes and transport waste from households and businesses to sewage treatment systems. Unlike a well pump, grinder pumps are fitted with special cutting ring systems that are mounted to the pumps motor shaft.Grinder pumps are often installed on municipal sewage holding tanks.

Hi Marcel

If you put in a bathroom and toilet in the basement it is a Ejector Pump in these parts.

Here is a link to my personal experience with a not functioning Ejector Pump.

I agree with you Bob, just saying generic terms get used alot.

I agree with you Bob, that is what they call it here too.
Just made that post to show that they have different meanings and they are different animals.

And a Grinder Pump System

Hope this clarifies it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel
Now back to my Back flow Valve research.:slight_smile:

You are right Marcel. They are different animals, but the average Joe gets confused sometimes.:smiley:

sounds like a lot of sht…to me…sorry i just had to…

:mrgreen:Yep and the big sh$tters need the grinders. :wink:

I believe that sums it up nicely Sir…