grinder pumps

Had a grinder pump in house the other day which went to a community septic system. Anyone have information on them? Just curious and want to know more about them. Mark T

Link/info provided by Mr. Google. He’s a great friend to have, and friends need to be visited once in a while, otherwise the companionship is lost.

My third grade teacher simply said, “Look it up!”

If it was a grind pump, that normally means the pit has a drain coming into it from a toilet somewhere, right? So, the septic would be the best spot for this to drain to. I have one in my home. Most of these have a relatively short life span on them of less than 10 years. I recommend installing a high water alarm on them, because unlike when your sump overflows and you get ground water overflow and a pain in the azz, this is gonna stink and make a big mess.

Grinder Pumps

Is this the same thing as ejector pumps like I wrote a blog on Active Rain.?