Sanitary Crock and Grinder Pump?

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Hi all- excellent resources here at the forums, I’m hoping to take advantage of your combined expertise!

We just built a new house with a roughed-in basement that included water and waste plumbing for a bathroom and wet bar. This includes a large sanitary crock under the stairs.

We had a different plumber than the one that installed the system go through the basement recently. He looked at the pump/lines/check valve and said it was not up to code.

In our municipality, here’s the rules:

In a sanitary crock, you can have:

  1. A 1.5 inch line from the crock to a ‘main’ waste line (including the 1.5 inch check valve) if a grinder pump is installed.

  2. If no grinder pump is installed, you must have a 2 inch line to the ‘main’ waste pipes.

    This plumber looked into the crock through the inspection hole and said it was not a grinder pump.

    Since we paid for and apparently passed the final building inspection, I started looking into this myself. There is no information on the sticker that was placed on the cover, where this pump model number and that sort of thing should be filled out.

    I have a call in to the builder and plumber to try and provide me with a model number so I can verify it myself, but it’s been a week and no response.

    So… is there any way for me to look at the pump down there and tell if it’s a grinder versus whatever else it might be? Was the latest plumber just talking smack to me to make the competition look bad? I have no experience in this area, so all advice is helpful!