Ground wire in neutral bar, neutral to breaker, hot to ground?

Hi, can anyone explain this? Or ever seen this? The Ground wire of this branch circuit is electrical taped and attached to the Neutral bus bar. The Neutral wire is electrical taped and attached to the circuit breaker. And the hot wire (grey wire) is attached to the ground bus bar.


Thanks, Reese

Hot to ground.jpg

Neutral to breaker.jpg

ground to neutral.jpg

Color blind sparky?

Seriously, looks like someone changed a circuit after the initial installation and had no clue what they were doing. Maybe a color blind DIYer

This is brand new construction. The first owner hadn’t even closed yet. This was a “professional’s” work.

Apprentice or "non-"Helper, surely not “professional”. LOL Even a color blind can distinguish between dark and light colors.:wink: OR one of the Margarita fanatics you read in the electric thread so much about :mrgreen:

Where did it go? I have seen this stuff when another trade comes in and has a special need hookup, like the floor sanders or the roofers. Usually tho it is a 240 hookup. They will just hook up to a couple breakers and leave a recep hanging out. I have also seen 240 compressors hooked up to the main lugs with alligator leads.