Ground wire split at buss bar

I see this from time to time, I call it out as not best practice, how do you write it up?

I don’t know why that was done. Looks like #6 and a #4 will fit in those holes. Improper termination technique.

It was # 6 and would not fit the hole.

Not best practice, but what harm can it do?..Arcing?

Probably no harm at all. Still isn’t right. I’m with Jim on this one, I’ve never seen a bar like that where a #6 AWG conductor wouldn’t fit.

Came across this neutral service entrance conductor termination not too long ago, my narrative was;

•The large gauge stranded neutral wire on the service entrance conductors was split into 3 and each terminated under a separate screw on the neutral bus bar. This is not in accordance with standard industry practice. Recommend that this connection be further evaluated by a qualified electrician.

Under the NEC that is wrong. The neutral must terminate in a single connection. No need for further evaluation. It just needs correction.