ground wires bunched up under 1 lug

Inspecting a townhouse built in the early 80’s today and found an issue I haven’t seen before. The 125 amp panel had all the ground wires under 1 lug, should there be a bus bar or will this be OK ?

Ranger-HickoryBluff 187.JPG

Look here:

…on page 10, 11, 12. Under Essential Rule 9, 110.14 :slight_smile:

Not ok and very wrong. Aluminum and copper can not be joined together like that, and the lug isn’t listed for that many wires.

Nice PDF Larry. :slight_smile: Thanks

what martin said, Thanks for sharing Larry :smiley:

Nice Larry.

Yep - That’s a No-No
Thanks for the informative pdf Larry

Non professional installation and a safety concern. I recommended repair or replacement by a qualified licensed contractor.

You guys have to be kidding right? Its been there since the 80’s was approved then, and they are no current conductors.
How is it very wrong and a safety concern??? If the ground wire has to be used, it will serve its purpose.
We all know it is “not correct” but calling it out as a safety concern??? really??

Just because it was there then, doesn’t mean it was correct then nor now!
Alu and cop tied together? Never been correct.

Has it corroded in the past 3 decades??? I don’t see any do you?
The panel will need to be replaced before that stuff corrodes.

I never said it showed harm . I most likely would have not call it out unless I found other issues .


looks like the top breaker is corroded, and the second one down is double tapped.

I’d probably mention that before I’d mention those ground wires. It may not be right, but like Sean said, it hasn’t killed anyone or failed in a few decades.

Just sayin’

Truth is that we don’t know how old that installation is. Everyone is assuming it is original to the house without any real evidence. It could have been done by the homeowner yesterday.

To argue that an improperly grounded electric panel is not a safety issue is a loser argument everyday all day.

That is the correct reply !! Figures it would come from a fellow Marylander…hehe

But you are correct. That Al could have been added 10 minutes before the inspection or 30 years earlier it really doesn’t matter as it is just wrong and a potential safety issue regardless !!! Heck it looks like they didn’t even use any de-ox to attempt a slow down on the likely oxidation process (even though that would still be wrong).


I agree Jim. Wrong is wrong no matter when the mistake was made. If “we” always used the logic, it looks good now, most of us would OK 75% or more of the defects we observe on a daily basis.

This shuts the realtors up every time. :wink: