Grounding conductor to copper water pipes

Just when I thought I understood at least one basic thing, I do not.

My 100 Amp main service panel has a grounding conductor attached to a clamp just below my water meter, which sits about five feet away from the panel. The wire is 6-gauge and insulated (rubber and cloth, I assume 50 years old).

I would like to replace this old wire, with new 6 gauge, green PVC insulated copper cable and a new clamp.

But now I read that the grounding conductor should really be jumpered and clamped both before and after the meter.

So, should I do this? And can I use green PVC insulated 6 gauge wire to do the job, snipping the insulation at the first clamp and then again at the second? Or must it be bare copper wire?

The whole house is plumbed in copper.

You can certianly do as you intend. It would be legal and safe.

Jumping around the meter has not always been required, but it’s been quite a few years since it has.

I would use #8 bare CU. Insulated #6 is unnecessary overkill. The pipes are bare copper, aren’t they?

Yes, they are bare copper. Thanks Speedy Petey. That was speedy.