Grounding the water pipes.

Hi All,

I’m new to NACHI and am trying to learn and understand thevarious grounding requirements, starting with my own property.

In my cottage, the copper water pipes are connected to adriven ground rod (GEC ?) They are notbonded to the ground bus of the main panel at the meter (a fused disconnect),nor to the remote service panel inside of the dwelling. The main panel at the meter is connected to itsown ground rod, and the remote panel is connected to the main panel via 4 wire,with an isolated ground-from-neutral in the sub panel.
Question: Should thewater pipes also be bonded to either service panel??

The water system is fed from the well via PVC to the expansiontank and then 100% copper from there. The entire service from the pole to thesub panel and all the wiring is new in 2010. I did it myself and thought I had it right but am seriously doubtingthat now.

Thank you and please feel free to correct my use ofany incorrect terminology.

The following paragraph comes from an old NACHI forum postin 2007, but accurately describes my current confusion.
I think that it is very important that there be a betterunderstanding of how the installation of the grounding electrode conductor,which is installed for the event of lightning or power surges, and thebonding, which is in the event that the electrical system energizes thepipes, are to be installed.*
There seems to be a lot of confusion betweenthe two.*
Mark Martin
Hampden, Maine

You need an electrical bond between the hot water pipes, cold water pipes and the neutral bus bar of your service panel.

Thank you David!