GTA Chapter(Toronto)

Good Morning everyone,

I was wondering why we dont have a GTA interNachi chapter? Is there enought interest out there to get one started?

Feed back PLEASE!!!


I believe there is something for 2010 just dont know the dates,
I would still help out … if theres enough interest.


We had one. It fizzled. Try starting one up possibly better luck this time.

I’d be interested. I’m not the best organizer, but I’d be very willing to help as needed.

Go for it! I did and look where it got me! In fact it lead to InterNACHI being represented on the Government Home Inspector regulation review. You need these chapters to react to the misguided fools that think government regulation is the answer to all their problems. You may not stop it but you must be represented so that you concerns are recognized.
Live long and prosper.

I just reviewed your web site. Where is your InterNACHI logo. After all its the best in the world.

I only see the OAHI link, nothing for InterNACHI, which as per COE requires equal billing on the website
happy new year

With a quick check, it appears he’s not a member of OAHI buts appears to want to associate himself with OAHI.

Well i think this smells bad…

I just checked; he’s got the InterNACHI logo’s but I couldn’t see any referring OAHI…just CMHC

I’d definitely be interested in helping out

It has been removed as it was directly under the CMHC.

Taken from the “ABOUT US” section of the same site about 2 minutes ago:

"Follow the Nationally Accepted CAHPI Standards of Practice"