Guardian Protection

This deal with Guardian Protection, sounds good, just like the deal you had with Brinks not to long ago. I hope you did your homework on this company, and to be honest with you I don’t even know if InterNachi is still dealing with Brinks.
I signed up for the Brinks deal and sent them a number of referals and only got paid for about half of them, and the field manager that was assigned to me was ok at first, then never seen or heard from him again until I complained to the home office. He then called me wanting to know why I did not voice my complaints with him and I told him that I left emails and voicemails that were never returned. Eventually I recieved a check for $60.00 for 15 referals. The main complaint about them was that one Monday morning I recieved a call from the home office and they told me instead of the usual $15.00 per referal that particular week they were paying $25.00, so I called clients that I had done inspections for and got thier permission to have Brinks contact them, 10 of them responded and actually contracted with Brinks for alarm systems. I might be bad at math, but 60.00 is a far cry from 250.00. Well we ended our relationship with Brinks. They still call trying to win us back, but we tell them we are not interested.

Comes from them not having any competition… till now. :cool:

Thank you Guardian… new chairs came in today (bottom pic).