Guess the age of this Moncrief Furnace

NO. 296-14D


I am not totally sure if that is correct, that’s all the info on it and it was very faded.

Secondly, I’ve never seen a furnace unit such as this? Has anyone else?

I seem to recall having met those things in the late 60’s–and they were old then!!

Yes my guess Jae is 1960’s… but?

Very primitive unit I must say.

Moncrief Services Co. is still around, although I think they have merged with another old name here in Atlanta.
We did a lot of installation and service on those type units back in the 40’s & 50’s (my Grandfather & Fathers time). By the time I joined them in the business, we were changing out older models similar to your picture. Crawl locations were usually nasty, damp and the units weighed a ton. We had to break them apart with sledge hammers to get them out.
I bet I haven’t seen one of those in probably 20+yrs.
Was the unit still operational/functional, even if it is at about 40%+/-afue?

It is before my time, but I have seen one like it. I would say pre 60’s.