Guess the image

Who can identify this image from a residential inspection?

Earn bonus points for the object on the right.

Unlike Charley, I will give the answer, though I suspect it won’t take folks long to figure it out. Advanced IR certifications not needed for this one.

Looks like a slug

Close enough.

Well that didn’t take long. The other object was his calling card. Guess he was in the bathroom on a mission.

Maybe I should start taking blurry images like Charlie;-).

I think Charley sent his imager to the shop to fix his auto-focus problem.

It would be close enough if you would just spell my name correct;-):wink: and yes I will disclose my mystery if an when Flir uses it and not before

he did get it right once Charley…

Ya know how those Texans are if the name is longer than 3 letters they have a problem with it (Joe) (Bob)

Sorry Charley!

Never seen a snail that size before.


In Texas they can be 6 inches.

6", are you serious? We’re lucky if we get 1"er’s around here.

I bet a bucket of 6" fried slugs would be pretty good with some barbeque sauce.

With a side Plate of Possum :mrgreen:

Yup and more. You can feed the fam. with these two :mrgreen:

With horse-divers of rattlesnake and roadrunner crostini and prickly pear wine and for desert a nice Hickory Horned Devil dipped in a chocolate waterfall (swallow head first or they get stuck)

After-all, we are not barbarians

I just blacked out! When i came too that image was still there! Really, they can’t be for real… Oh oh, feeling dizzy again, and swearing off ever going to Texas again…