Guess The Roof Shingle Age

Smart A S S. You are still off by 5 years per todays standards. ;):):twisted:

What is amazing
that a shingle
like this
without water intrusion
at the interior
either attic
or upper levels

Says you… :slight_smile:

It is in good shape, or it needs fixin…

I got other things to do than go all CSI Home Inspection at the house for no apparent reason except to hear my self bloviate…

Marcel, you better getting going on that roof, doesn’t the snow start flying soon up your way?

I here you on estimating roof age. Lots of variables.

I say the moss is holding it together so just add some fertilizer and leave it be.

70 degrees here today David.
I put this little quiz up to show those guys out there that claim to be able to pin point the age withing 5 years.
Not going to happen, don’t care how good you are. To many variable.
This one had me fooled too.

I agree with Brian as much as I hate to, ;):smiley: the roof condition is in good condition, has gone through at least beyond the half way life span or has exceeded the useful lifespan of its purpose. :slight_smile:

Well, I took care of the problem. :wink:


I know the age of the shingle on my roof
some look good some look bad
pictures are decieving

Front looks new
rear looks old
but all over 30 years

Same here Joe, but replaced mine 15 years ago. It was 30 years old and other than being brittle, was nothing wrong with it.
The one I have now, IKO, looks like the day I installed it. Good roofing Manufacturer. :slight_smile:

No fair!!! :wink:

32 years

37.5 years

Well, Wayne, pretty close.

36 years old and original roofing shingles for that house. :slight_smile:

My guess is about 36 years old.:wink:

Right on Linas. :mrgreen::wink:

Oh yeah, I forgot to remind you to extend that ladder about another foot and get it tied off!!!

In my area, have seen some 45-50+ year colorlok still in good condition. It ususally has to be repainted (especially at the bottom edge) at the 15-20 year period.

Here’s something from the CBC “Marketplace” (the program with Mike Holmes on HI’s and GROW-OPS) website subsection called “BUSTED”: *

See the comments on IKO shingles (among others)!! I see 25 year warranty IKO shingles curling/cracking in 5-9 years. I’m telling folks now that if their 25-50 year warranty shingles last 15 years…be happy.

  • the first comment under the moniker “Experienced” is mine. You can see that I mentioned the light coloured (frost white, light grey) shingles (DOMTAR “Trueseal” 3-in-1 tabs) with a measely 10 YEAR WARRANTY are lasting 25-30 years. A few years back saw similar shingles at 13 years of age having to be replaced…tell me the manufacturers are being square with us…they’re cutting product quality (can you say asphalt) due to the high cost of oil.

Read stuff by Dr. Bill Rose (Phd Building Scientist on the level of Joe Lstiburek) in Journal of Light Construction mid-90’s. He says that manufacturers are using anything (like venting not being right to code) to get out of shingle warranties…his take is that the product is not of similar quality as the past!!

BTW: These shingles (probably with a 10 year warranty) have lasted 36 years without serious leakage or blow-off…probably not a thing wrong with the venting, even if it is not to code. This roof shows again that shingle color and quality, and not venting, has way more to do with extending shingle life!!

So Marcel what did i win? LOL 1 quart of pure maple syrup or some cheese curds would be nice .

The fact that it has plywood should put it in that range. Any older it would be T&G, and 25 or less it would be more than likely osb