Time to inspect my own roof

What do you guys think other than normal granule loss?

I was shopping around this year for new quotes on home and car insurance, which I typically do because the premiums jumped up like $500 this year for no reasons. I must have had like 8 quotes and more than half did not want to insure my home because the roof was more than 20 years old.
After talking with Farmers Ins., they said they would insure it because I was a carpenter by trade and home inspector.
I took a few pictures for all. Yes, I can still climbe the ladder with precautions. LOL

And don’t forget, I get a lot of this;


Decent for 20+ years old.


It looks like 30-year shingles that are about 20 years old.


Here is a picture of left over from when I instaled it.

04/06/98 = 25 years IKO shingles. Gable vents only and R-60 for insullation


I think I’d keep that old guy with the snow shovel off of it, but it looks pretty good from Ohio…


That makes a big difference in my heating/cooling cost and comfort level.


Talking to the wife right now and she said my boy was 16 years old when I did the roof and he is now 46. I remember that too, because he could not bring a bundle up the ladder. If that were the case, that would make the roof 30 years old. But that does not jive with the date on the bundles which should be 93. That is a head scratcher for me. I might still have the purchase receipts. ??

If your vent boot was replaced with an Oatey boot there is a manufacturer’s date stamp, so typically your shingles would be the same age or newer.


That roof looks great for the age… If that were Florida, I would estimate that roof to only be about 12-15 years old. Arch shingles will only last 20-25 down here


I was talking with My younger son a while back and He riminded me of a day he was carrying shingles up to a roof I was doing and fell off the ladder into the bushes below going from the ladder to the roof, He said i looked over the side of the roof and told him to get out of the bushes. When He said he fell off the roof apparently my reply was carry half bundles and get a move on…


Sounds like my dad


You didn’t tell him to rub some dirt on it?


I told mine “when I was your age, I’d carry two bundles up the ladder” That pissed him off and he finally manage to get one up the ladder. LOL


That roof looks like it’s in decent shape with normal wear and tear for it’s age, Marcel. I’m surprised it looks that good with only gable vents.

When the time comes for a new install I would go with a ridge vent with mid-roof vents, that way you won’t have to deal with installing soffit vents and messing with the insulation to install rafter vents.



It is hard to tell from here, but you might have a bit of moss growing. I would recommend soft power wash and copper strips installed to get maximum life out of the roof. Otherwise, in very good shape for it’s age.

From Ohio, it looks like it still has some years left.

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I figure another 3 years or more unless they start curling due to loss of too much grainules. You know the famous words, (monitor and repair as necessary). LOL


Your roof looks in tip-top shape.
It is a plan 2 sided Gable with 2 levels covered with Good Grade composition shingles.
As long as you monitor the roof covering on an annual basis for cracked dried plastic cement, and the wall siding, roof intersection for anomalies I can see this roof covering extending another 5 plus years easily.
You have about a square of composition shingles in reserve as back up.
Sleep well at night. Your roof will keep you and your dry.