Guess what this is.....

These boxes were installed around both attic gable vents. I know what they are for-----would you want to live in this house?

McCullough 211.jpg

'Pears to be some sort of critter comfort…

Openings are too large for bat quarters.

Are they some kind of insulation box to surround a high pitched
alarm system speaker that blast out the gables?

they are the secret stash for HIS goodies…guns, ammo, maybe copies of Playboys, etc. so the wife doesn’t know!

So why does the enclosure appear insulated, is that to make sure the PlayBoy Magazine stays intact and the Ammo fresh? ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Pigeon Lover


John is the closest so far. Another hint: all of the windows in the home are double, double pane window units.

It’s a rock band house, insulated so the neighbors don’t attack!

REAL close David-----it is actually a house in the flight path of Sea-Tac Airport. All of the baffling was baffling!

Double, double pane windows = rock band in the house.
Insulated box at gables = speakers outside when needed.

Bet it didn’t work real well - if by “blocked vent” you mean no air is allow through this become a breeding ground for fungi - no, I wouldn’t want to live in this home.