Guess who is moving to Texas?

Me…I am moving to Texas !


Congrats :slight_smile:

That’ll turn it blue for sure… :wink:

You sound excited…happy for you, Paul :D…where abouts?

Pack your guns lol

That’s EXCELLENT news for us!

Where about, 'cause you know Texas is about 1.7 times the size of France… :smiley:

McKinney TX Area

Red state …i will fit in just fine.

@Jimenez…plan something for End of May and i can do an electrical class for you. Has to be on a weekend…Saturday is best. I will own my weekends again come May 9th.

Be advised they don’t use real bull meat on their burgers its kangaroo meat:(:frowning: and sometimes stray cats;-) Oklahoma is a better place to live lower cost of living and lower taxes:mrgreen:

Does OK really have a lower cost of living than TX? Because it’s really not expensive to live here (then again, I might still be used to living in foreign countries)

Congrats and welcome to Texas. You’ll be near Barry Adair

Paul, will you be getting your license to do home inspections in Texas?

Welcome to Texas Paul, you have chosen McKinney…home of Simpson Strongtie. Would like you to check out TPREIA, we are the InterNACHI affiliate here and would love to have you on board.
Mike Cothran
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call me

Welcome to Texas!