Anyone in the Belton/Temple area?

We’ll be moving from Lampasas to SE Temple next week. I seem to remember someone being from Waco but didn’t know about Temple or Belton…

Our education director for the Austin InterNACHI/TPREIA chapter is from that area. Vincent Johnson w/ Pro Data Inspect. I believe Brad Phillips (another one of our members) is from that area as well.

Welcome to the area. Come visit our next chapter meeting. 3rd Tuesday of July!


Why the relocation? If I recall you recently moved from the Austin area to Lampasas.

At this rate it appears that you keep creeping further North!! ??

Waco, then Waxahachie and finally Dallas?

Really … stay further South … less cold, ice and stuff!!

Hope you are doing well.

BTW - Brad Phillips is a good contact in Temple.

Thanks for the input guys and sorry it took awhile to get back to you. Nolan pays attention for sure!! Yes two years ago we re-located to Lampasas as the wife took a teaching position at a very small ISD in the area. Star ISD had been in business for over 120 years but a serious decline in student base (a total of 45 kids for pre-k through senior" caused the school to close this year. She has since accepted a position with Moody ISD and viola we moved to Temple. I feel like Temple will actually be a better fit than Lampasas. For a town that claimed to be conservative they were sure against the free market and any newcomers to their town. Funny thing that…I moved and the business has picked up in that area…now I’m driving over there :wink: