Gutter brackets

Dropped off radon today at house I’ll be inspecting tomorrow. While there I noticed brackets for gutters that were attached to roof deck causing shingles to bow up. Never seen residential gutters supported this way, usually through facia. Doesn’t look right, but not sure what problems it could cause as a result?

Post some quality pics when you get them (since you will be at the home 3 separate times)!

Angle iron is not for that purpose.Wait till you do the roof inspection and get a better look as Jeff said.

Chip they make some brackets with a strap that is designed to go under the roof and attach to the sheathing/rafter. Its hard to tell if this is one of those type. If it is its not installed correctly.

Will do. 3 X’s not optimum but couldn’t be avoided. Thankfully not far from me.

I know this way off topic, but why would you drop off a Radon test the day before the inspection?

I couldn’t tell from the pic but gutter spikes are mostly a thing of the past around this neck of the woods. The new way to install gutters are with “hidden hangars”, they hook under the front of the inside of the gutter and snap over the back of it and it has a screw with a 1/4 inch head on it.

A lot easier to install and the screws won’t pull out like the spikes used to.

I’m heading out of town for a long weekend tomorrow. As the inspection was scheduled late Tuesday I didn’t have any other time to set up. Want to be able to pick up & send to lab before I leave on Friday. So extra trips it is. Luckily it’s only about 10 minutes from me, so not really a huge deal.

Brackets weren’t right. Once I got up on a ladder to get closer look realized the drip edge was a home made job that someone put on over the first layer a shingles before adding the second layer. The home made gutter brackets were tied into this drip edge. Bottom line is nothing about it was right. Lesson learned, when something doesn’t pass the eye test there’s usually a reason for it!