You have got to see this!!!

Mortgage company in Florida called me to inspect a property they foreclosed.
They have had the insurance company take a look at the house, and a what he called a “restoration company” look at the house. He wanted one more opinion.

The city has placed a “NO OCCUPANCY” sticker on the door dated 5-14-08, over a year.

Here are the pics!!! The condition is throughout the house on all levels.

More pics

Looks like there may be a moisture intrusion issue and suspected microbial growth.:stuck_out_tongue:

Is that what it is? Thanks Linas!! How would you write this up? Possible moisture? Should I use a moisture meter? LOL :slight_smile:

Mike did you find any defects in systems or components?

Looks like a nice place and only hope I get a chance to bid as with all that oil I see in the pictures it must be a gold mine.

The oil pressure actually seems to be buckling the floor.

As a professional I would suggest they have it tested to determine if there might be Mold.

Bob, That is not oil. At first I thought it was, but it looks like shampoo that is floating in the water.

Here is what I think happened.

The water supply under the kitchen sink has been hacksawed off. This flooded the house, there is a demarcation line on the baseboard. the brown you see on the pergo floor is paint. They either painted the floor and the water lifted it, or they dumped paint on the floor before they flooded the place. I can’t get to the furnace or the electrical panel. I just talked to the mortgage company and they think they are just going to bulldoze the house. They knew it had been flooded, but didn’t know that there is still 6-8 inches of water in the basement. This house has been like this for over a year. Foreclosure revenge!!!

I would not even walk in that place without a full respirator on.

I do mold air sampling and surface sampling on these types of properties all the time. The mold remediation companies pay good money to do the initial inspection and testing. Can you say “cha ching”?:wink:

Linas, are the properties you see this bad? One wall in the basement was open and the mold is on the framing members. The mortgage company VP says they are probably going to bulldoze it.

Yup.I do the initial inspections prior to mold remediation. Usually see them just after the water has been pumped out and the furniture and belongings have been removed. Mold remediation for something like that would run an easy $5,000. I’ve got a couple of buddies that own mold remediation companies and do well.

I was joking Mike.
Looks like sewer backup to me.
Personally the best fix it too would be a BullDozer and I hope you did not stay inside that pit for too long.

You gotta be kidding if you think that can be fixed for $5,000.
Perhaps you meant to hit another zero. $50,000.

That’s for the mold remediation.

Linus the only remediation I foresee is a total gut job.

You gotta factor rehab as part of remediation cost.(I mean Holy Cow)

I would push it over, as setting it on fire might produce toxic smoke.

Some municipalities require remediation before demolition. I worked for a major Chicago demolition company several years ago. We had a major demolition contract to level a 16 story building downtown. The building was full of mold from the rooftop water tank rupturing and soaking the interior of the building. We got out of the contract when they required mold remediation prior to demolition. It would have cost an extra $1mil. to do the mold.

How much for a gallon of gas and a Bic.?

You guys get so excited over the littlest of things…a coat of paint and some carpeting, and, voila! it’s a new house…