Half a job!!

Would it of cost that much more to update the lower portion of the SEC below the meter?

Needs a exterior ground rod as well. The main panel was a FPE and a triple tap at the sub. I did notice the wires not being secured with the proper connectors as the leave the panel box

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85906 Cleveland 026 (Small).jpg

You’d be appalled at what some folks want us to leave.

Possibly this was a mast repair or damage replacement. Possibly the H-O did not have the funds to do a complete job. Or maybe they were just cheap.

I was at a job, where the building owner a landlord] was cited to change the SE Cables. From the POA down to the meter base. The cables [several apartments] were ‘worn/old’ and the building owner absolutely refused to get it all replaced. It seemed like he was adamant about not getting any work done without being cited.

It happens, you educated your customer, and they pay for what they are willing to pay for. Just as a contractor, you need to know when to just walk away.