Half of roof covered with ???

What is this roof covered with???
The South side was covered with a type of sealant and wasnt sure of what it was. The North roof you could see the shingles and they had some algea build up.

The South ridge had a noticeable sag but didnt notice any problems in the attic. I recommend a roofer to evaluate the covering of the shingle.



71406 Akron 012 (Small).jpg

71406 Akron 015 (Small).jpg

71406 Akron 011 (Small).jpg

Looks like underlayment.

That particular side was prepped for an additional layer of shingles, but never completed.

How do you figure? Looks a bit like the anti moss powder I’ve seen people use on roofs here.


If its a moss powder they should of used it on the other slope. I have never seen a roof covered like this. The whole surface is covered with something. You can see the shingles underneath.

I should of took the picture of the roll asphalt roof that is at the end of the gable roof. It is covered with the same coating.

There was a bucket in the attic and I think they covered the roof trying to seal it and went a little crazy.

I reported that a roofer needs to evaluate before closing and there where other issues as almost every flashing was puilling away and needed sealing. But not with that stuff.

I can see the white residue as a moss powder. I am not to sure about the under layment theory.

Didnt look like a professional roof repair to me.


Kool Seal?
If so, not recommended for asphalt shingles.
Just a guess.

Don’t know much about moss powder, but did notice the wide chimney without a cricket.

Anxious to find out what that milky roofing is all about.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: