Handheld Pocket PC Use

I’m wondering if anyone uses a handheld pocket pc or other portable devices during your home inspections. I use an handheld HP iPAQ and have had great success with it. However, I’m looking for a better and more reliable device that is available. Preferably one with the capability to attach and email digital pictures on the road. Ideas anyone?

Matthew Jenks
Phoenix, AZ


Though not very high resolution and with no flash, the Samsung Q1 has a built in camera that can be used for many photos. It has standard USB ports to make adding photos from another camera or memory card easy enough and it is easy to connect a printer so you can deliver reports on-site. It runs WinXP tablet edition.

Dominic posted this link previously for a $499.00 new unit.

Otterbox makes rugged covers for this model.


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Wait a couple years and your phone will be your full computer.

If you end up going the pocket PC route, check this out.

Kevin, Do you use a pocket PC? After looking at the screen shots it looks like it could be a time saver even though I do not do on-site reports.

Go for the Samsung Q1 route over a PDA (Bill posted the link above). You have a 7" screen versus a 2.5" screen which means you can see more no matter what program you’re using. You also have a fully functioning Windows machine that you can install Word or any other programs onto (great for backups, browsing the internet or whatever). At $499 it’s the same price as a PDA but with a lot more power. Plus you can edit your images and even print the report off it too.

Matthew, I’m sure the above advice is good. I hope you did not buy that iPAQ for your inspection reports. I haver one of those and they are a complete waste of time for such an application. Way too small, ends up slowing you down half the time.

Nope. Regardless of report delivery methods, it definitely looks like a cool option to assist in report generation though. I might look into it. I wouldn’t buy a pocket PC just for that reason since I already have a tablet, but loading it on something like a new touch screen phone with Windows Mobile 5 or 6 would be cool. Anyone know how much just the version of HG Pocket PC is if we already own the desktop version?

Remember with most Pocket PC programs (I think HG included) you need to transfer to a tablet or laptop before printing. That’s why the Q1 is so nice.

You’re right. HG Pocket PC is an “input” program designed to make all the inputting easy and quick. Still a cool feature to complement the desktop version. I certainly don’t bring my tablet in the attic/crawl/roof.

True, but I know guys who won’t take their Pocket PC in a crawl or roof either as they’ve dropped them off the roof or cracked the screen crawling around (you need to get a good case to prevent the cracking). Seriously though, how many issues do you find that you can’t remember by looking at the pictures you took. Just enter them when you come back down. Or drag your Q1 into there :wink:

Found it. It’s $299.

I don’t do any inputting on site currently, just take pics. Still a cool program though for guys who like to input everything on site and shave off inspection/report writing time.

There was a recent thread on here discussing ways to be as efficient as possible and cut off time. What takes longer, going back and forth to your tablet/laptop and inputting, or inputting on the fly? Not wanting to take a pocket PC on the roof or crawl is honestly irrelevant. If you don’t want to take it in those places then it is indeed not a wise choice to drop the $$ for this method.

Regardless, I’m just being the devil’s advocate because I already have a system that works for me and am not likely to change. Good discussion for someone on the fence though. :wink:

Have you watched this on HG?

Mock home inspection tours

Yes. There are some good tips on those videos. However, I don’t have a goal of report writing/delivery on-site. I prefer to come back to the office and dive in with some food and a beverage. I’m certainly not “taking sides” as I know my way isn’t the most efficient, it’s just a method that I enjoy and feel comfortable with. I don’t like feeling under pressure while client/agent has to stand around waiting for me to finish.

I’m also humble enough to admit and accept that I’m new to this industry and sometimes run into scenarios that I’m not educated on. The ability to research before delivery is extremely important at this point in my HI career.

I use a pocket PC and have used them for the past 10 years and would use nothing else. But then again, I am a multi inspector firm and there are always 2 of us on the site and we can MERGE information into one inspection. I am big on technology and saving time. Saving time leads to more money. I think its wall what you are accustomed to.

I use 3D and a Dell PDA and have done so for the last six years. I wouldn’t be without the PDA. Great for taking notes, inputing into the PDA mobile version of the 3D programme, making sure that every observation is noted and organizing my inspection process so I am not running around like a chicken! It takes a second to download to my laptop ( Acer Aspire Emachine) and then to print.

Besides, it gives me a second chance to correct my spilling;)

Highly recommended.

I have used a Dell AXIM for with 3D inspection for years. It has taken a beating and keeps on going. droped,snow, rain, mud but keeps on going.
It will hold as many inspection as you can put in it also it has a GPS nav system avalable. It will get you there and do your report check your spelling and get you home.

Too funny!:D:D:D

I used a Dell Axiom for a while, it is now a paper weight.
You could not pay me enough to use a Q1.
I still use a laptop in set in the kitchen. Do most of the inspection with a few tools and a camera, and enter most of the data at the end of the report. Takes about twenty minutes to enter all the pictures, data, proof read and add any new comments. :mrgreen: