Pocket HomeGuage

Does anyone use pocket homeguage? I’m thinking of getting it for my pocket pc. Wondering if anyone uses it during inspections on a pocket pc and if it works effectively. I’m not sure how easy it will be to navigate through during an inspection on one of those.

Check out items like the Samsung Q1 with it’s 7" screen and compare it to the PDA. HG runs on both, but you can see a lot more on the 7" screen verses 2.5".

I believe some HIP users are using Samsung Q1.

Rodney, If you have signed on with HG (sounds like you already have a Pocket PC), there is a forum dedicated to Pocket HG.

Pocket HG runs on windows mobile 5 or 6.x We have many users that like it. I tell new HG users to become familiar with the main version first. Then try the Pocket HG. You will see it is very similar to the main version.

Some features of our Pocket HG

  1. Record audio at the inspection item. Then when you transfer the report to the main version you can use the drop down “Find First Voice recording, Find Next Voice recording” and can type while you listen to that item. This is faster than trying to record a large single audio file and playing around with rewind fast forward etc. This feature works great for inspectors who takes their report info to their wife or office worker.

  2. Jump button. Using the Pocket HG set your camera clock to the same time as your PPC clock. When you take a picture with your camera, that is your que to click the camera icon at that inspection item on the PPC. When you transfer your report to the main version and load your pictures you can click the jump button below each picture in the filmstrip and it will automatically take you to the correct inspection item for that picture.

Both of these features are options on the Pocket HG. You can use the Pocket HG without these features depending upon your style.

Currently we recommend the HP Ipaq 111 or 211. The 211 has a better screen resolution and is more doable outdoors. www.hpshopping.com

thanks guys for the info.

Here is some advantages of a PPC over a tablet


Thanks Russell. Awesome link.

You can buy awesome new tablets now for $900. I saw a Dual Core 2.2ghz tablet with 3 gigs of ram at Costco this weekend for $999. A few weeks ago they had it $100 off as well.

I’ve just installed 3D software (Québec version) on my HTC P4000 smartphone.

Me think I need stronger glasses but must admit, that phone is smart…

I have the Sprint PCS version of the same phone and I love it. The GPS on it is excellent and the internet is fast. After the latest update for it, my bluetooth finally works right too.

For those that don’t mind the small screen, HG pocket HG works great and for under $500 you can be more mobile than the smaller full computers that goes for $1000. This set up allows you to use your old big bulky laptop and the mobile PPC so you come out with less cost and more mobility.

one more note, HG just put several Dell x 51 pocket pc’s on ebay and some are buy now for $75. They work fine, just discontinued and compared to the new hp IPAQ 211 are not as good for adding other stuff but will run HG just fine. For those who may want an extra one or to try it out as inexpensive as possible.

Thanks Russell…I will tell our clients about these on eBay since some are looking for a cheap backup device for our software. How many do you have on eBay ?

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Pocket PC is great if going that route.
I do it even easier with a program called Remember the milk which sycs up to my Blackberry for easy transfer of comments.

Program is only $25

Main reason for comment though is that someone needs to mention the new line of Netbooks coming out such as the eee which will have full touch screen and at least 160 MB of hard drive.

One can convert these to touch screen right now for $40.

Hi Bob,
can you paste a link here of it and how much? I haven’t heard of them but haven’t been looking around much lately either.



Cheap place to buy them. Down to $299. http://www.newegg.com/Store/SubCategory.aspx?SubCategory=772&name=Netbooks

Look up eee as they are the start of this Netbook age.

They have long battery life, and are shockproof with small to 10 inch screens that are perfect for travel at a 15 second boot time , though I have timed a few at 30 seconds.