Handrail Endings

I have a question on handrails on stairs.

As per Nachi: " A volute, starting easing or turnout can be installed over the lowest tread."


“Handrails should end at a newel post or a wall.”

Well, you can’t have both, right?

Technically the same thing. It turns back into itself, mimicking a newel post, or turning into a wall.

Look at your IRC or CodeCheck … Current Stds / End at newell post or return to wall

Very rare on a basement handrail.
Bet very few call it out as they are usually just attached to the wall on the drywall side.

Admit I never call it out either though few here ever admit this stuff due to ridicule.
Me, I care less…LOL
Gotta live in the real world.

Since this is on the public side I expect lots of puffy chests to slam me .

I always call out lack of wall returns no matter the age of the house.

Returns on basement stair rails are common here on construction less than 10 years old.

When explain it as a purse or bathrobe catch it usually gets a laugh.

I agree Bob. :):wink:

We call it, regardless of age or where its at, BUT thats just us. I’d bet Bob is right that few call it … I know in my area, I see very few call this sort of thing SO the ones that do are called “Nit-Picky” or “He’s trying to make an old house new”, etc, etc.

**I’ve got a Rule, **I live by AND train ALL of the new inspectors in our classes by.

Its called … Is It Right OR Wrong. AND If It’s Wrong Do I Like You Well Enough To Buy It OR Pay To Fix It If I Didn’t Call It OUT AND You Call & Whine OR Want ME To Fix It OR If Because Its Wrong You OR Your Family Gets Hurt By It?

The ANSWER is 99% of the Time … Heck No I don’t Like You That Well!

SO, we call it AND let buyer decide if its important enough to ask for OR just ignore. Once I’ve called it … I don’t care whether they do anything with it or NOT.

No longer my problem OR my liability.

So basically you are saying you would call these out?..

**You would be laughed out of town as a complete imbecile! **

Glad you get it Jeff.
We all know the call outs but being good as compared to average is living in the real world and not being a bureaucrat.

What I do many times such as when inspecting older homes that ‘duh’ of course do not meet today’s standards is explain it to the client realistically it may be fine and has been a certain way for 100 years or more structural ] and let them know I am going to write up certain items simply to protect my own azz.

That is just one example and some Inspectors never get it then wonder why the phone stopped ringing.

A good self test is this…

Expensive tile in a gorgeous bathtub and shower area yet the shower pipe was never strapped properly to the wall studs.

  1. Tell them to tear out the tile and strap the pipe ?
  2. Tell them to purchase a escuchen plate with a side set screw and fill the opening ?

The answer says what type you are

YoYo … They TURN-BACK and DON"t stick straight out, so NO they would NOT be a call out. Guess I gotta be more detailed OR explain better.

Use your head for something other than holding up a cap.

Bob …

How about just … The shower pipe is loose in the wall. Service and correct as needed, AND lets your clients decide…

Dan, I am pretty sure he is referring to the baluster gaps .
Recheck the pictures.

Bob … Maybe you’re right. I thought he was referring to the bottom turns.

LOL ,yeah he changed it to catch us I guess.


Hey Yo-yo-mama…

Immediately followed by…

Perhaps you need to pay attention to your own posts. You are acting more and more like that guy from Montreal everyday!

Jeff, take the stick out of your backside and read:

Don’t need to read… I am the one supporting that. Go back and reread this thread from the beginning.

That’s why they are written as EXCEPTIONS.