Hanger for prefab Joist

Inspectiong some prefab joist today and the hangers useddid not rest against the middle. I am pretty sure this is the appropriate hanger, but is it installed properly?


That does not help me james.


Okay, there are two things I see wrong with that picture. One is you are right, the hanger needs to be flush. That can be solved with some blocking. And the second is if the nail is just driven in the OSB with no block behind it, the nail can easily pull out, with that much weight on the hanger. Also the hanger does not appear to have enough nails.

I agree… LOL

Wrong nails, missing nails at bottom of hanger, blocking may not be required (often is not required); consult with manufacturer whose name is on the I-joist.

When blocking is required, it is often 3/4 inch plywood glued and nailed.
Again, look up the manufacturer and consult with them; most of their specs sheets
are down loadable at their site.


PS. Often, double trimmers (it appears that is what you have) are packed out with solids or plywood when used as header/girder.

Thanks for a real response. I will defer it to be looked at properly.


It appears to be top mounted hanger, more info at:


Good info. This is what I thought, too.

When it comes to engineered wood, a good source of information is the Engineered Woods Association website. It has a load of publications about manufactured structural wood materials. The publication web site is at http://www.apawood.org/level_b.cfm?content=pub_main.