New I-joist Hanger from Simpsons

Next time you see one of these, we will know what it is.


Simpson Strong-Tie**'s new ITS top-flange I-joist hanger features a new Strong-Grip seat that securely holds the I-joist without any joist nails. Once the hanger is installed on the header, the I-joist is simply snapped down into place. According to the company, the ITS installs faster and uses fewer nails than any other engineered wood product top-flange hanger, and has the lowest installed cost. The ITS design also maintains superior allowable download capacities equal to or greater than the ITT for Douglas Fir and all SCL headers. The ITS can be used with most current I-joist sizes and with flange thicknesses from 1-1/8 inches to 1-1/2 inches.

Very few nails.

Marcel :slight_smile:

How does this hanger keep the joists from moving end-to-end?

It appears that the top is sandwiched between a sistered member. But I also want to know what holds this from pulling away if building/foundation settling occurs?

I seen many floor joists pulling out of their hangers due to settling.

Check out this link and see the Video and load tables.

It might help.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Now that video makes more sense, Marcel.

Your original post does not contain the picture with those lower flapped portions that are secured/nailed to the I-joist flange itself. You also stated…

That didn’t sound right to me. So I simply could not see how this I-joist was firmly held secure to it’s joining member.

Viewing the video, makes me content that this new bracket is a nice joist hanger which uses less hardware.

Marcel has that mothering affect on a lot of us :mrgreen:

Oh great, when doing phase I’ll have to drag a ladder around to look for properly bent tabs and 2 nails at every stinkin’ joist. whaaa-whaaa

Did I just hear the cash drawer open? Cha-ching

Funny Barry. ha. ha.

Recognition Mr. Watson. ha. ha. Only count the nails when there is a problem.

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