Happy 4th of July everyone.

Relax, eat, drink today. We’ll give it heck on Monday again.

And to you too, have a happy fourth

Thanks and happy 4th to all.

keep the faith

**Happy Independence Day ,**to every one.

I gave up my bachelor Independence…on this day 15 years ago.

Celebrating 15 years…married to a wonderful woman from Georgia.

Hope you all have a great day.


A jarhead in full battle rattle takes a breather **today **in 100°+ temperature as his company advances in the Helmand province in Afghanistan. I thank him and all service members protecting my freedom today.


Happy 4th Everyone…Burgers are on the Grill and a wine cooler is in my hand. No electrical MATH for me tonight.

Happy fourth to our American cousins from north of the border.

No burgers for me today!:slight_smile: