Happy Fourth of July

Hitching a ride for the Fourth of July.

Happy 4th Marcel

Sweet Pictures. Thanks for posting.

The 4th is by far my favorite holiday. Great food and casual fun. 'Merica!

To all our southern friends have a great day.

Char and Roy

Right back at you all!
Have a good Fourth!

It feels great to have a 3 day weekend, getting tons of work done
on my place and mostly fun work too!

Have fun everyone and stay safe!!!

Great pics Marcel.

Enjoy!…and be safe.

Happy 4th to all the British as well. :slight_smile:

Happy 4th to all



Happy 4th.

indeed !

Happy 4th of July everyone!! Be safe with your family and friends, and enjoy :slight_smile:

Happy 4th to everyone!

Happy 4th to all my Nachi buds. :slight_smile:

My wife’s British and I always ask her if she still feels like a looser. :twisted:

But since it is the 4th I will finally say:


Happy Independance Day!

Happy 4th everyone.

Have fun and stay safe.

Happy Independence day!