Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all members.Being part of an association we do great things everyday, It is what makes us all successful at accomplishing our goals as business owners. I have set a new goal, this one is on a more personal level and I am asking my fellow members from every association I am apart of, including this one, interNACHI, for help.

My father Bob Marouski survived a massive heart attack resulting in having to have a pace maker /defibrilator my dad made a full recovery and continued to be a hard worker,loving husband,father and grandfather.​

On Nov. 4th he received a CTscan due to some memory issues…He was diagnosed with a very large rare non malignant brain tumor. He was immediately admitted to the hospital being cleared for surgery. He was told there was no choice but surgery, otherwise he would not survive. The tumor was in a very deep part of his brain and the surgery was very risky, but no other choice. On Friday Nov. 7th he was operated on. The surgeons removed the tumor from deep within his brain. ​

In the past month he had to have four more brain surgeries due to fluid build up in his brain. And was in ICU.Now he has a permit shunt that drains his fluid to his stomach. Due to his surgery’s my dad has lost a lot of fine motor skills some of his eyesight in his right eye and movement in his right hand. This will require intensive rehabilitation in a rehab hospital. We have been told that some of the damage may be permanent, and he probably will not be able to return to work. We are trying to get my father the best rehab treatment in New England. To take some stress away financially we are asking for your help. No amount is too small, and with as much of members as we have, I am reaching out and even if a third of you guys contributed only 2-5 bucks that goes along way.

Our family has set up a fundraiser, below is the link.

My Dad has been a hard worker like all of us his whole life and now it seems a though everything has been taken away. I am reaching out to all of you to help my Dad get through this.

Please add your companies name and you will get a receipt emailed to you.

Please click on the Link to


Thank you for the donation robert