Happy Veterans Day


To all of you who have served, and are currently serving, I appreciate you.

Greetings from The Commander in Chief to all the Corpsmenout there.

Ditto to my fellow veterans…and just for those who do not know, numerous restaurants honor our service with free meals… I myself will be enjoying a steak
at Applebees today…mmmmmmmmmmmm

Many thanks to those who have served.

your welcome to all who have thanked the veterans. Thank you to all you veterans that served in a more difficult time than I.

Run Silent, Run Deep

USS West Virginia SSBN 736 Blue

free dinner - olive garden, applebys, chilis

USS Stormes DD-780 1966-1969

To all of those who have fought for our freedom I would like to say thank you. It does not seem to be enough though. Such a small word for such a big sacrifice. I am not sure how many of you know this, but we have a highway in canada that is called the “Highway of Heroes”. This is the highway they use to bring the soldiers to there final resting place from the airport.