Let's Say Thanks

Regardless of personal opinion the men and women serving deserve a thank you from all of us including our kids and grandkids.

My grandsons thought this was cool and are making cards of their own.



Thanks Barry!

As a Proud member of the military, on behalf of all who have and are still serving, thank you for the support you and all others are, and have provided.

Take it from someone who’s been there more times than they wished to, the support we received was over whelming.

Regardless of belief or affiliation, if you’ve any doubts, think about the FREEDOMS we enjoy. Courtesy of the US ARMY for over 229 years.

And the US Navy for 231 years.

Canadians thank the men and women of the United States of America’s Armed forces too. We appreciate what you are doing over seas. Our troops stand with you in Afghanistan and we are proud of them for the job they are doing there.

(229 years , 231 years? Seem to have forgotten the mix up in 1812 have we?:mrgreen: :wink: )

I have a long list of links on my site for ways people can show their support for our troops. If anyone is interested, it is at http://www.americanpridehi.com/troops.htm . Feel free to copy the links. They are non profit organizations.

P.S. Thanks for the link Barry, I did not have that one.

We Thank The Men And Women Of U.s. Military!! I Have Also Signed A Huge Thank You Card For Our Canadian Military At The Opening Of The Canadian National Exhibition.huge Response.they Had 2 Huge Banners And There Was Very Little Space To Write Anything On It.

We Thank Them All!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting two children who were in Saddam Hussein’s prison and were set free the day after the U.S. flew jets over Saddam’s palaces. Their father was killed by Saddam’s chemical weapons of mass destruction (Yes, he had WMDs and there are tens of thousands of dead bodies to prove it).

Jet engine afterburners… the sound of freedom!

Amen, and SemperFi :smiley:

On behalf of my son (currently serving in Iraq) your thoughts are much appreciated.

U.S. Army, then U.S. Air Force, 1974 - 1988.

I’m happy to see the Troop support, regardless of political beliefs, these days.

We didn’t enjoy that luxury in the '70’s, unfortunately!

Thanks for the link Barry.

Agreed. These kids are genuine American heroes, regardless of one’s political stand. Our family sent thank-yous this morning, and my son & daughter are taking the link to school as a proposed class project. Thanks for posting.


Here here…I heartily second the motion to support our troops, wherever they are deployed.
My nephew, Mikey Jr. has just re-upped in the Army,(much to the chagrin of my brother Mike Sr.)
and lucky for me, he is stationed here in Colorado, at Ft.Carson.
We’ve had the opportunity to see him often this summer, and always let him know that we’re behind him 100%. My wife is a prolific writer, and sends massive amounts of cards every week, and we’ve vowed to keep him inundated with cards, information and news from back here…
Having been away from New England for the last 35 years or so, I’d forgotten how goddammed democratic that part of the country can be…
My brother, who lives in New England (read "left leaning’) is heavily against the war, and has been from the beginning, but lucky for us all, we’ve buried our differences on these issues.
Fortunately for us all, we’ve gotten past that, with his son joining the service.
Long story…,
My wife and I are throwing a Labor Day Bar-B Que extravaganza for Mikey Jr. as a send off next weekend, as he leaves in two weeks.
And to cap it all off, My wife engineered a visit from my brother in Taxachusetts…
I’m so thrilled that my brother will be flying out to join us, for Mikey Jrs sendoff,
that I can 't contain myself…

Our hats off to them all…