Hard Coat Stucco

Stick Frame Construction.

Hard Coat Stucco directly applied over OSB Substrate without flashing and/or vapor barrier installed on the OSB.


#3 has no weep screed? Insufficient clearences, and was that gutter embedded into the stucco?

Gutters are installed prior to the installation of the stucco siding.

The heavy bead of gutter sealant between the gutter and the stucco should work ;)…

1, 2, 5, …Lathe is applied directly to the OSB.

4…Window trim is nailed directly to the OSB. Stucco applied up to the trim without flashing. In most of these homes, the interior window framwes and headers are deteriorated from water intrusuion. It has not visibly occurred within this home yet.

Hi Joseph,


Maybe this will help from NAHB/TOOLBASE/ PATH
Manufactured Flashings

Bob Givens

Thanks for the link & info.