flashing Q

should this flashing be “closed” I have moisture in the end of the fascia against the wall.
I am going to call it out as the cause unless anyone has a different opinion ( and I am sure someone does):wink:


Fascia and trim should not penetrate the exterior wall covering. That’s a defective installation. It will have to be kept sealed and sop will the kickout.

Agree with Kenton! If this is frame construction, chances are that the fascia was installed against framing without a moisture barrier behind it. There is going to hidden damage there. Just evaluated a house where the fascia and gutters were installed against the OSB sheathing, and then the stucco was added “around” it. All the framing and stucco had to be replaced around those areas (12 year old house).

This mistake (and many others) are repeated over and over during the construction of homes. When inspecting EIFS and stucco, we very often find that the work is done by different subs and each of them assume the other will do the necessary corrections or proper installation and in the process both end up creating situations resulting in water intrusion and hidden rot. One sad thing, even when brought to the contractors attention they resist and often resent the information coming from a home inspector, rather than admitting they didn’t install the components correctly or by the manufacturers’ guidelines. See it ALL the time. Had one contractor call me and got nasty because I pointed out there was not one single kick-out flashing installed on the EIFS (very nice home in gated community) and there were visible signs of leaking “inside” the new home. Turns out he didn’t even know what kick out flashing was when shown one.