Hardi Board

I have an inspection coming up that has Hardi board siding. Is there anything special I should look for. Any help would be appreciated.

yes, go to their website. There have been some changes over the years to how it should be installed.

I love the stuff and use it all the time. Only issue I have with it is that you have to have your nail guns (siding and trim are different guns) set just right to drive the nails perfectly. Look for nails that blew through the siding.

Gosh, when did you crawl out from the baseboards in Sebastian, FL?

And use the correct fasteners and meet all caulking requirements.

Not using the correct type and size of fasteners, and caulking, is the issue I find in my area.

And flashing… don’t forget about flashing! :wink:

That too. :mrgreen: I was using caulking in a broad term.

Thank you for the replies. I crawled out a while ago.

And… ???

A client of mine is presently going through a problematic install on a new house, I had James Hardie do an audit on the install, the contractor scored 24 out of a possible 100.

Needless to say its coming off, so they can start over again.

If anyone finds installs not consistent with James Hardie Corporation Installation Specifications, a field represetative will come to the property free, if the install is really poor, they have their installation auditor come to the property as well, look at the entire install, and write exactly what has to be done to correct the installation.

They stand behind their product 110%, but few contractors know the proper installation methods, which causes premature failure.

If anyone wants one of their representatives to possibly speak at a chapter meeting let me know, I met some really good people the last couple months from James Hardie Corp who flew to Phoenix specifically to address the concern my client has.

Awesome… thanks Dale!

That’s good to know. I had a client walk on a newer home last month due to poor Hardi Plank/Trim installation; that and a $20,000 deck that needed replaced. Almost one entire sidewall was like the first photo.

No starter, no flashing at windows, no flashing at joints, not terminated at stud (guessing), I’d bet.

I don’t know where the stone veneer is, but no Mortar (or Stucco) can be in contact with Hardie Plank, flashing needed.

Thanks Dale, alot of good information. I am starting to see more of this type of material used in my area.

There was flashing at butt joints. But undersized, not corrosion resistant, fasteners (rusting at interior attic wall).

No flashing at window/door trim. Only “flashing” was a cheap/bad caulking job.

Not terminated at studs, some I could verify.

Nice looking 6 year old home. Whoever installed exterior covering(s) was inexperienced with James Harding products.