HardiPlank with Vinyl Corner Trim

I’ve seen this a few times now and have written it up. I see nothing in James Hardie’s installation manual that says the butt ends of a plank can be left open. This product is not vinyl and we don’t know what will happen if water gets behind it…there is no assurance it will drain like vinyl. You guys have any comments? I wrote it up as being inconsistent with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Vinyl corner trim (ends of planks visible and not sealed).


Snippet from instructions

Sealant at trim.JPG

Manufactures do not list all of the possible methods of installation, they generally only list the preferred methods and things to avoid. The vinyl corner post while not listed seem to do the job and caulk does not really seal the ends but covers the joint to the more common rigid post or trim. Vinyl posts have a back leg to help with the drain down system. I get you point but from my view i would not call this out unless Hardie specified not to do it.

Here’s what I say about it:

“The fiber cement siding, which may or may not be HardiPlank, was not sealed at the plank ends where they terminate at corners of the home. Vinyl trim was used and we were able to determine that the ends of the fiber cement siding are open. There is a potential for water to enter the wall system at the corners and long term damage to concealed areas may occur. To the best of our knowledge, the manufacturer makes no allowance for use of vinyl trim. Indeed, they go to great pains to ensure that the wall system is installed in a water-tight manner. We recommend a further evaluation by a 3rd party licensed general contractor and service as deemed necessary to ensure that the siding is installed consistent with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. An installation instruction document from a leading manufacturer is attached for your information.”

Nice narrative Joe.

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I spoke with a James Hardie rep. on the phone today. He said no problem as long as the ends of the board abutting the trim are PAINTED. They do not have to be sealed if covered by corner trim or window flanges. He said it would drain. I will not call this out anymore. Whether it will drain or not…we’ll see in 15 years.